XWith a Patent granted in 2006, our Eppic® (*) waveguide is one of the most advanced and innovative isophasic waveguides presently available.

The Eppic® design is based in a Family of Ellipses that starts on a circle (special case of ellipse) and stops in a line, defining the front-wave pathway inside the waveguide.

Eppic® is a decisive advance in the state of the art by their own remarkable simplicity. They have no twisting, mirrors, labyrinths, foam or anything able to perturb the natural sound radiation; only mathematically equal straight lines connecting the input waveguide circle to their output line.

Eppic® is an exemplary performer. As expected, their geometric cleanness has a very positive impact in the sound quality.

Despite its unusual warped aspect, their pathway is in fact shaped by diverging straight lines pierced into ellipses. Those geometric figures, however will be only observable when the construction is intentionally sliced in the correct planes.

The Eppic® is the heart acoustic technology around which the most of Norton Line-Source-Arrays are constructed.

(*) Elliptical plane progression isophasic coupler