The NORTON® CF10 delivers 8600 Watts of pure power in 2 Ohm or 4 Ohm applications.
You choose, same powerful result, a constant 4300 Watts of power per channel. The NORTON® CF10 offers levels of power and application flexibility truly suited to all worldwide pro-audio markets.

No more Switches
A key part of the new NORTON® CF10 design is the absence of any control knobs or switches, front or back. Control of all parameters is via the screen user interface and gain slider. This clean, practical approach reduces ware & tear factors on moving parts while delivering a forward thinking approach to function, safety and plain good looks.

UMAN Network Solution
UMAN network solutions, Any input – Any network – Any device. This advanced network solution is fitted as standard. UMAN is the next generation, a true network system for all. Super low latency – no problems with integration to existing technologies – no limitations.

Intelligent Input Routing
The signal path is always optimal, no latency, a direct path from input to output bypassing any unnecessary A to D converts/DSP. The network input is linked direct to the amplifier channel. You choose, run the system in full analogue or digital domains.

An optional plug-in DSP card is available, allowing the NORTON® CF10 to become a fully DSP/DSP Network controlled speaker management system.


  • 4400 Watts of peak power per channel in either 2 Ohm or 4 Ohm mode
  • No external control knobs or switches
  • UMAN network control
  • Intelligent input routing
  • Optional plug-in DSP card
  • Dual Voltage SMPS with automatic selection for 120 v/230 v operation
  • 3 Modes of operation: Dual Channel, Mono Bridge, Parallel-Mono

2 Years Warranty
Norton Audio amplifiers renowned reliability is backed up by 2 years warranty from date of first purchase.

In addition to all amplifier functions being accessed and controlled by the screen user interface and gain slider, clear LED indication of Clip/Signal for both channels can be found on the LHS along with a light sensitive metre which automatically controls the LCD screen user interface light levels.

UMAN digital connectors, input/ link with a further Ethernet port for direct control. Note, UMAN connectors has a LED “Lock” indicator, this function prevents the use of Ethernet at the same time as UMAN Network connection.

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